My Grilled-Cheese Week: An Update

Oh this week. . .

My busiest work week since we moved to Fargo, which also happens to precede a holiday weekend.  Unfortunately, these factors coincide with a low number of weekly posts.

Today, I drove for hours through the rural North Dakotan countryside in a company rental car vastly nicer than my own.  My first time driving a company car and second time driving a rental.  Somehow and somewhere, I blinked and became a big girl.

At the mercy of the FM radio, I flipped through a dial that went something like country music, Christian music, country, country, Christian, Country, Christian, Christian, OMG Katy Perry!, back to country, Christian. . .

I also passed by Wilkin Drink & Eatery in beautiful Breckenridge, MN.  A coworker recommended this 100-year old establishment and we plan to embark on a field trip in the near future.

As I visit small towns and meet people who grew up in them, I giggle as I remember how I used to whine about how boring life was in a 45,000+ suburb.  It also dawned on me that I have never set foot on a real farm.  Only fake farms.  Like Murphy’s Landing and the Dakota County Historical Society on grade-school field trips.

What do I eat during exhausting work weeks?  My tired foods include the following:

  • Cheese, black bean, onion and vegetable quesadillas.  I add whatever vegetables I have on hand and an fond of the addition of hot, pickled cherry peppers.
  • Crusty, Gluten-free grilled cheese sandwiches made with American cheese and Campbell’s tomato soup.  My favorite comfort foods at their finest.
  • Eggs, over-easy.
  • Leftovers from Sunday evening.  I re-purposed our leftover sticky rice, short ribs and vegetables.
  • Whatever is in the freezer.  Kimchee pot stickers or samosas, anyone?
  • Fresh fruit.  We have a grapefruit obsession, but also treat ourselves to organic kiwis and mango.

My love for Fargo’s Passage To India is no secret.  And it’s still our running favorite restaurant in the Fargo-Moorhead area.  Last weekend, we visited their often-mentioned Saturday buffet for the first time and it was every bit as good as the rumors.  Passage’s selection was larger than the Indian buffets I’ve visited, the food was steaming hot and constantly refilled, and it was flavorful and spicy.  Not toned down and bland, but actually spicy.  I was in heaven, despite the fact that buffets and “all you can eats” never work out well for me.  One plate and I’m full.  Two plates and I feel sick.  Oh well.

Last weekend, we also joined a coworker for drinks and dinner on Monte’s cozy, back patio.  I enjoyed my first taste of a crisp, icy-cold gin martini (or any martini, for that matter), though I also learned that martinis don’t work out that well for me, either.  Two sips and it’s time to inhale the nearest bread basket.  The entrees seemed incredibly pricey for what was actually delivered, but I was thrilled with my $9 Greek Flat Bread.  A generous appetizer topped with shrimp, plenty of creamy feta, briny olives, cherry tomatoes, and onion.

And as a comment about restaurant menus, in general, can we please, please, please stop calling food items “oriental?”  It’s Asian, ya’ll, Asian.

On Friday, we will leave for the Twin Cities directly from work to spend a long holiday weekend with our family and friends.  Per usual, we look forward to letting our parents spoil us rotten with home-cooked foods and visit at least one of our old haunts.

I’ll post again, as soon as I can and, until next time, I wish you all well.