A Photo Journey: The Enchanted Highway, Little Missouri National Grasslands & Theodore Roosevelt National Park

Last fall, I drove to the other side of North Dakota where I detoured along the The Enchanted Highway.  I spent the evening at the Rough Riders Hotel in Medora where I was surprised to feast on prawns the size of my palm.  Although this trip didn’t give me anything tangible to bring back with me, something inside of me just grew larger and richer.

There was something exhilerating and eerie about feeling really and truly alone as I stood on the top of rolling prairie hills.  I wandered amidst the shadows of the giant sculptures as the wind whistled through the metal.

In the spirit of summer roadtrips and exploration, I am sharing some of my favorite photos from my journey.  We plan to return in late summer or early fall.

*Photos can not be used without permission from author

A lonely park bench along The Enchanted Highway.

Grasshoppers Delight at dusk

Geese In Flight.  This marks the entryway to The Enchanted Highway

Taking a backroad through Little Missouri National Grasslands at dawn.  I ran into an oil pump soon after I snapped this photograph.  Just minutes from Theodore Roosevelt National Park’s Painted Canyon.

Dawn at the Painted Canyon Visitors Center in Theodore Roosevelt National Park.

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