Last Weekend’s Dining: Return to Passage To India, Return To Samurai

This past weekend, my muscles felt like jelly.

After wondering what was wrong with me, I finally accepted that I was merely worn out.

We never really caught up or recuperated after our Easter trip to Minneapolis, which was followed by two intense weeks of work and last weekend’s fainting spell/car bump.

In the name of self care, I didn’t do a whole lot of anything except finish Mockingjay and weep Mockingjay-related tears. Last week, I had made the mistake of reading this book during my lunch break and did my best to hide my Mockingjay tears in the break room.  Jake and I are also proud to say we accomplished a significant amount of cleaning.

I tended to my surviving balcony plants, which have now begun to annoy me.  Having had no gardening supplies, let alone containers, my first balcony gardening adventure has panned out to be a money trap.  I’ve settled with two pea plants, two cherry tomato plants, herbs, and small amounts of rainbow chard and arugula.  Growing root vegetables in pots quickly became more difficult that I had expected and I decided that I just did not feel like putting the blood, sweat and tears into growing a few beets and carrots.  Especially when I estimated the cost of each said beet.  I’ll leave that to the people with yards.

Plus, I’ve got CSA boxes on the way.  Jake keeps asking why our CSA, Bluebird Gardens, keeps sending us emails and no vegetables.  I keep reminding him that it’s only April.  Needless to mention we’re both excited about our first CSA share.

On Friday evening while Jake was out, I ordered takeout from Passage To India, read Mockingjay, and sipped an adult beverage.  It was quiet, it was spicy, and it was fantastic.  I ordered my usual favorites, Bhindi Masala and Paneer Tikka Masala, extra spicy, please.  The owner was kind enough to provide small containers of raita and mint chutney at no cost.

Delicious per usual.  Although Passage’s Saturday buffet is truly spectacular, I’d rather pay more money and enjoy my food leisurely, over the span of many meals.

On Saturday, we went to Samurai for date night and ordered sushi.  My stomach was full of three, spicy, Indian curry meals in a row and so I didn’t get too adventurous.

We ordered miso soup for two and fried spring rolls.

The soup had a smooth texture, and amusing teeny, tiny cubes of tofu but tasted little bland.  Overall, it was comforting.

We ordered the vegetarian spring rolls, $4.50 on our first visit and enjoyed these fried treats again.  The spring rolls come with a sweet chili sauce and the portion size is just large enough for about two bites each, when split two ways.

I just ordered The Maki Roll Combo, the least expensive sushi dinner that included a tuna roll, California roll, and shrimp tempura roll, $15.95.  The tuna tasted fresh, the California roll was fine, and I liked the crunchy seafood in the Shrimp tempura roll.  The texture and temperature of the rice was pleasant.  My only criticisms are the seaweed seemed a little dry or chewy and I wasn’t in love with the addition of iceberg lettuce in the shrimp tempura roll.

Our server was kind enough to bring me a small dish of the spicy mayo.  Not a huge fan of the sweet sauces, but I love me some spicy mayo.

Jake ordered this giant, green monstrosity, filled with several types of fish and tempura asparagus (which I believe was the Volcano Roll, $15.95).  The exterior, green wrapper was soft to the bite.  Jake seemed to enjoy the roll and I found the one bite I took to taste fresh.

I’ve opened a new chapter in my life.  I’m searching for life after the Hunger Games Trilogy.  Game of Thrones is scheduled to arrive on Friday.  Just in time for another weekend in Fargo, before we return to the Twin Cities for an exciting family celebration/reunion of sorts.

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